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Comments: Archive title "Division of labor"


2014-03-29 Frith Ra here: My oldest daughter asked to draw a comic. Since this week includes April Fools Day, I gave my permission. She did the drawing and much of the inking & coloring. I only did the backgrounds and furniture, and a little leaning over her shoulders to guarantee that she got it done. So congrats to Digi for a job well, if idiosyncratically, done.

2012-10-14 Some changes in the forum had caused the forum button to be non-functional, but it has been fixed.

2011-09-18 And we're back!

2011-06-12 We're taking a pause to refresh, handle some serious family matters and get ahead. After over 4 years without missing an update, we've earned it.

2009-03-09 CD Rudd of asked permission to use one of our charcters in his webcomic. Actually, the actress PLAYING the character, not the character herself. See it yourself at

2008-06-08 Frith Ra is in the middle of a major move, and cannot do a strip this week, as he has more important things to do. There will be Q&A strips for a couple of weeks, and then we will see how things settle out.

2008-04-06 Book Two has begun.

2007-12-11 The updates for Dec 23 and 30 are going to be Q&A sessions with the characters Therese then Laura. If you have a question, send it to

2007-11-18 We are experimenting with ads through Project Wonderful. There are a couple of button-size ads over to the left.

2007-10-21 The birthdays of both Frith Ra and Snufkin are in October. If you would like to do something for us, vote for us at TopWebComics using the link at the left of the page. If every reader voted, that would be amazing.

2007-09-06 The banner at the top of the page shows that Angels & Aliens is part of the 910CMX webcomic collective, a group of comics that grew up around The Wotch and its forums.

2007-08-19 Just passed 200,000 page views.

2007-05-13 The cast page now has people in it.

2007-05-02 We passed 100,000 page views.

2007-03-15 If you vote for Angels & Aliens at TopWebComics (see the blue button above and to the left) you will see a sketch or panel from an upcoming comic.

2007-03-15 Frith Ra ( wishes to put some of the final images up for sale, either hard-copy or electronic. Contact him if there are any pictures out of any of the strips (without word balloons) that you'd like to have for your self.

2007-03-12 We added Angels & Aliens to (a massive list of references to works of fiction that involve some form of transformtion) and ended up getting over 13,000 page hits in ONE DAY. A hearty welcome to new readers!

2007-01-28 We passed 25,000 page views a little while back. SOMEBODY must be reading.

2006-12-03 We added a button for TopWebComics in case you want to vote for us.

2006-11-21 We were pleasantly surprised at how many viewers stopped in to see our Day of Remembrance entry - glad to be a part.

2006-11-19 The top image is of young Trent with his parents, for the Transgender Day of Remebrance Webcomics Project - go here for more participating webcomics.

Not every body can be comfortable with where life has placed them. Some of us are content in our skins, others are not. Many of us know without a doubt who we should love, some of us are in doubt if they even can. This is our embrace, our wish for your happiness. This is our dream; that all may someday recognize happiness when it comes to them. --Remembrance 2006

2006-10-01 Angels & Aliens is open for business, with 5 strips to get you started into the story.

All characters and images ©2006-2014 Snufkin and Frith Ra.