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Comments: Archive title "A short pause in a long life"
Frith and his family are travelling this week, so he came up this brief look into the backstory of one of the Angels. That's Denyatta, using an impish sense of humor to make a small point in the long struggle. Denyatta was born in 1904, in a world hard for us to imagine today. Laura may have grown up in the lap of luxury -- Denyatta did not. When she became an Angel, she learned of a place where people could truly be equal. But it was a very small place, and she had to go out into the wider world and fight battles small and large, to improve, educate and guide the rest of the world, bit by bit and year by year. It's taken so very long, and is still so very far from the end of the struggle. But she has a dream, and it is slowly coming true.

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