Born in the fiery furnace that was America under Eisenhower & reared in the tumultuous tornado of the 1960's Frith Ra has jockeyed many things in his checkered career; a gas jockey, a disc jockey, a desk jockey, a horse jockey, a camera jockey, a vagabond, a rambler, a carpenter and a shepherd are but a few of the items which speckle his resumé. He learned to draw under the table in the living room on his grandmother's 100 year old victorian table & figured out how to play music by counting the tadpoles on the clotheslines. He made his first real sculpture out of paper maché when he started pasting his sleeping brother with the stuff.

The trauma of that experience has never quite left him & he (the brother) may someday be let out of the California State Home for the Eternally Bemused.

Today Frith Ra runs an orphanage cum field hospital for wild animals & is currently attempting to train a troop of Ninja Raccoons to kidnap various important politicians for the extra spending money. He is married to a lovely lady who shares a common name with the Erithacus rubecula & participates in rearing responsibilities over two bright & enthusiastic elementary school girls. Neither of whom are available for any suitors, & he's sharpening his swords for when they are.

Frith Ra is also an avid participant in his local Esperanto, Baha'i & Bluegrass circles. &, being as he cares for so many sick & injured beasties, is also a vegetarian who would be proud to turn you onto some of his homemade pumpkin tofu. Here, try some, it's really good.

Snufkin may or may not be a figment of Frith's imagination. As long as he keeps the scripts coming and takes care of the website, it may not matter at all.
(This was taken when I was younger, lighter, and was a cartoon character.)

Image by Anne Onymous & Robin Ericson