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Trent Trenton Granville (Angel-in-training) 28 years old. A handsome young financial hotshot, Trent lived a fast life, making good money and happily chasing women, many of whom were just as happy to be pursued. But he wanted more -- he wanted adventure. Be careful what you ask for.... His combination of skills and situation caught the eye of the Angels, and he woke up one morning feeling great -- but with a whole new set of chromosomes. SHE enjoys her new abilities, but worries about the fact that everyone around her believes that she will come to accept or even enjoy her new state.
Laura Laura (Angel) last name? She has dozens, and they all are fake. Laura is 111 years old, the oldest of the Angels, one of the seven who met the Mabba the very first time they visited in 1919. No one now knows whether she began her life as a male or a female, and she ain't tellin'. She's both playful and deadly, and has a good eye for judging potential candidates for Angelhood. Her long life has brought her into contact with an astonishing variety of people. Some of her stories of the people she has met seem hard to believe -- but no one has ever managed to PROVE that any of her stories are fabrications.
Willa Willa (Angel) Angel since 1984. Willa has particular talents in acting and mimicry, and can do accurate imitations of most of the other Angels.
Denyatta Denyatta (Angel) [to be revealed]
Cecile Cecile (Angel) [to be revealed]
Cody Cody (Angel Crew) Age 27. Cody is a signal-processing expert, and still attends conferences, using a cover that he works for a secret government organization. His mother died when he was very young, and he was raised by his father, a college professor who mostly left him to his own devices. (Literally.) He was hired by the Angels about five years ago, and most people suspect that he will end up working at On High permanently instead of taking an outside position. He is quiet, but loves practical jokes of an intellectual nature. He likes working with people who can keep up with him mentally, and has been known to "test" people.
Carlos Carlos (Angel Crew) Age 23. Carlos has PhDs in psychology and ergonomics. He came from a large poor family in Arizona, but his family died in an accident and fire while he was at school, and the Angels approached him soon afterwards. He is sensitive about his lack of height, and has aggressively pursued the academic fields where he can excel. Some find his braggadocio excessive, but he is certainly not one to back down from a challenge.
Doc V Dr. Vajipayajula (On High permanent staff) 52 years old. Dr. V (almost no one bothers with her last name) was hired by the Angels when Harvard Medical School could no longer afford the equipment she wanted. Although she serves as a general practitioner as needed, she is primarily in charge of coordinating the medical research the Angels sponsor or do themselves. She believes that some day she will be able to understand the nanites that transform and maintain the Angels. Her speech patterns might lead you to suspect that she doesn't know English very well. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is fluent in at least six languages, but can't talk fast enough in any of them to keep up with her thought processes. No conversation with Dr. V is complete without several parts of speech scrambling behind, vainly trying to keep up.
Gas "Gas" (On High permanent staff) [to be revealed]
Joe Joe a Mabba-technology computer who has been in place at On High since its construction in 1932. He is intelligent enough to pass for human, and even fooled Alan Turing over the telephone. The inhabitants of On High can talk directly to Joe anywhere in On High except for their private living spaces, which he does not monitor. Joe is a marvellous information source, and the people who live there say "If you want to do something and don't know how to do it - ask Joe!"
Mabba The Mabba The secretive aliens who first visited Earth in 1919 and established the group later known as The Angels. They are quite secretive, and their motives are unclear. They seem quite interested in Mankind's technological advances even though their own technology far surpasses our own. They show no interest whatsoever in conquering the Earth. They return regularly every five months to pick up information reports and leave new nanite doses.