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Frequently asked questions

Who are "Frith Ra" and "Snufkin?" Click here for more details.

What's "Legi Esperanten" mean? It means "read in Esperanto." If you get into it by accident and want out, use the "read in English" button. "La bildstrio nun disponeblas du lingve", or "the comic is now avavailable in two languages." Frith has long been an afficianado of Esperanto, the constructed "International Language" created by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887, so he is creating a version of each comic with alternate dialogue. If you want to know more about Esperanto, start with Things are set up so that it would be easy to add more languages. Easy for us, that is. If you wanted a version in Swedish or Klingon or something, we could arrange it - as long as YOU change the word balloons in all the images and send them to us.

What's the update schedule? At this time, the update schedule is weekly on Sundays. (10pm Saturday night in Central US time zone - that's GMT - 6:00). There is a possibility of more frequent updates in the future, but we are starting with a buffer of strips, and seeing how strip production goes from there.

Questions? E-mail and ask questions of the creators or the characters.